FEW joins FPA in alliance

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fpa-few The FPA has entered into an alliance with Financial Executive Women (FEW) aimed at advancing the progression of women in the financial planning profession.

Now in its fifth year, FEW was developed to provide support and career advocacy to women within financial services. It has a career advocacy program that is designed to enable women to obtain advice, guidance and support from more experienced and senior women within the financial services industry, thereby helping them to achieve their full potential.
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Industry Moves spoke with our very own Connie Mckeage FEW Advisory Board Member

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connie-black-jacketIndustry expert and MD of OneVue spoke about her experience in the financial services industry.

Staying ahead of the game is what excites Connie about her career and saw her named in AFR’s 100 Women of Influence list last year. She tells us about the importance of resilience when tackling the “daily grind”, shares her thoughts on the importance of engaging younger generations in financial services and speaks fondly of a very special woman in her life.

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The Complete Guide to Getting a Raise at Work

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jason-nazarTen critical things you need to understand to get the raise you deserve.

I’ve given out hundreds of raises, and I’ve seen every possible mistake people make during this process. Everyone should be paid fairly according to his or her skills, experience, and contribution. But most people have NO idea how to best negotiate for a raise. My mission these days is to make work dramatically more transparent and rewarding. As part of that, here is a simple but full-proof guide you can use to get a raise.

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FPA joins forces with FEW to support growth of female financial planners

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The Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) and Financial Executive Women (FEW)
have announced an alliance to advance the progression of women in financial planning.

Commenting on the alliance, FPA CEO Dante De Gori said, “We believe it is vital that we
nurture and grow our profession, by supporting those who commit to high professional
standards, education and ethics as best we can. As part of this, it is also vital that we attract into our profession those who share the same values.”

Mr. De Gori added, “We hope our collaboration with FEW will help foster community, innovation and leadership amongst existing female financial planners, but also encourage more women to choosing financial planning as their profession. Women currently make up 28% of the FPA membership, and only around 20% in the profession, both of which we would like to see increase.

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Gender pay gap – Do you know your value?

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judith-beck-portraitjudith-beck-mumDo you know your value? My 93-year old mother sheds light on how to know your worth. #knowyourworth, thank you mom for being such a great role model – fewau.com

Recently Judith Beck, Founder of Financial Executive Women (FEW) asked her 93 year old mother to shed some light on what the work environment was like when she was working in terms of salary. As a background her father lost his job in his late 40’s and couldn’t find another job so her mother went to work as they were raising six kids. She worked in sales demonstrating products at home shows and fairs and found out that she was getting substantially lower pay than the men, even though she sold more product than anyone else. When she asked her boss for a raise, he replied I wondered how long it would take you to ask.

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Great leadership isn’t a popularity contest

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keynote-speaker-michelle-gibbingsMichelle Gibbings, Change Meridian

It isn’t easy being a leader in a world undergoing change that is so rapid and vast that the World Economic Forum titled it the fourth industrial revolution.

At the same time, leadership tenure is shrinking. In fact, PWC research released last year found that CEO turnover was at 16.6% – up from 14.3% in the prior year.

It’s becoming harder than ever for leaders to navigate and thrive in this complex, ambiguous and ever-shifting environment. Consequently many leaders fall into the trap of taking the path of least resistance and making decisions that are easy and popular, rather than difficult.

However, complex and adaptive problems are not solved by the ‘quick fix’.

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Paul Sainsbury, Group Executive, 
Wealth Solutions and Customer AMP


Geoff Rogers, General Manager MLC Sales

Paul Sainsbury, Wealth Solutions and Customer at AMP, and Geoff Rogers, General Manager MLC Sales at NAB, have both joined Financial Executive Women’s Advisory Board to help the positive progression of women in financial services.

Financial Executive Women (FEW) provides structured career advocacy and support programs to help women progress in their careers through experience, guidance and support. These programs have been developed to ensure that women have the right support to help them achieve their goals.

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What Henry Miller can teach us about professional success

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Anneka Manners, State General Manager, nabbusiness VIC/Tas, NAB

Anneka-MannersThe writer, Henry Miller once said: “Every day we slaughter our finest impulses. That is why we get a heartache when we read those lines written by the hand of a master and recognise them as our own, as the green shoots which we stifled because we lacked the faith to believe in our own powers……..we are all kings, all poets……We only have to discover what is already there.”

For every professional success we’ve ever sought or dreamed of, getting out of our own way surely has to be the hardest thing of all.

Never say or do anything you wouldn’t want filmed

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Judith Beck, Founder, Financial Executive Women

filming-in-progressIf you were being filmed would you act the same way towards your staff and colleagues? Or if your phone calls were recorded would you speak differently? If so why? Is there a mean person inside all of us or is it just human nature to lash out in frustration from time to time?

We have all by now seen the story of two newsreaders who were secretly filmed arguing about having white shirts on. The more senior newsreader came across as being frustrated because according to her she had asked the other newsreader to put a jacket on so they weren’t all seen as wearing white. There was social media backlash for the more senior newsreader and her personal brand was no doubt damaged because of it.

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