Search Inside Yourself leadership

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Great day at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership work shop sponsored for FEW members and FEW Corporate sponsors. Thank you Macquarie and Olga Veselova for hosting the event, we really appreciate your support of FEW. Big thank you to Heather Dawson and Jo Wagstaff who facilitated the workshop and did an excellent job. The day taught us the practices of …

Deliver What You Promise & Effective Delegation Part 5 & 6 – What T10p’s Do Differently

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(Part six in the T10P’s series) Deliver What You Promise & Effective Delegation – an Executive Head-hunters view.  Top 10 percenters (T10’s) deliver what they promise and on time. If there is a hiccup in the process they inform others well before the deadline, so there areno surprises. They make sure their employees work in a structure of responsibility and accountability. …

Meditation for the Professional

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Three simple steps to get started, today! You might think ‘how, am I going to fit meditation into my already hectic schedule and why should I bother?’ Well keep reading… If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, easily irritated or frustrated, if you at times over or under eat, perhaps drink a little too much, find it hard to focus and …

It’s Time To Kill The ‘Time Management’ Concept

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Managing time effectively has long been drilled into us since high school. If all the things on your to-do list aren’t crossed off by 5pm, it’s put down to poor time management skills — and if, by the afternoon your brain can’t handle anything other than cat videos on Youtube — your concentration skills are rubbish. But what if this …

Assistance with PhD Programme

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 FEW Member Sandra Hartl is looking for executives who have experience in business relationships with German, Chinese and/or Arabic counterparts to share their experience about cross cultural communication and conflict management. As part of a PhD programme Sandra is analysing how culture affects conflict management and dispute resolution strategies in transnational organisations. If you are interested or for more information, please …

Golden Door – Melbourne Breakfast – 16 October

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Golden Door are offering you the chance to start your day off in an ‘inspired, nourished and uplifted’ way on Friday 16 October. On arrival enjoy a healthy juice with a shot of cucumber, ginger, honey and coconut water while you. From there you will experience a deliciously healthy breakfast, inspired by Golden Doors chief, David Hunter as he shares his top healthy breakfast …

Personal Branding Presentation

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Great turnout for the Personal Branding presentation yesterday at Macquarie. Thank you to everyone who attended. Looking forward to sharing some more key tips on personal branding and stakeholder management at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in Melbourne on Monday from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Goal Setting – how to get back on track

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  “The best laid plans are paved with good intentions” How many times do we set goals for ourselves, only to be waylaid by other commitments and priorities as life takes hold of us? We hope that by setting goals it will prompt us to be more vigilant and to work harder, however there will always be obstacles and challenges …

Vanessa Bennett – Interview with The Daily Guru

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In a recent interview with The Daily Guru  Vanessa Bennett from Inside80 Performance Australia generously shared  some fascinating insight into why she chose to enter her field of work, the greatest challenges and achievements of her career and personal life, misconceptions about her industry and the one piece of advice she would give to her 18-year-old self. VANESSA, SHARE WITH US …