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Chief Revenue Officer, FuPay
Betsy Westcott
"Great mentors have been a wonderful accelerant for my career resulting in meaningful personal and professional development. I'm excited to now be in the position to mentor the next generation of female leaders and learn from them along the way!"
"I've been a FEW Advocate since 2015 assisting the development and growth of a diverse range of women from across the financial services industry. FEW will pair an advocate who's skills and experience align to the member's profile and needs. It's a privilege to advocate for these women and assist advance their careers. It's a very simple way that I can pay back the mentorship I've received over my career."
"I am delighted to support the FEW Good Men program. I believe in equality and the positive progression of women in our industry. I am pleased to be able to share my own experience and use it to provide guidance, support, and advice."
Director, Superannuation and Retirement at AMP
Illaine Anderson
"IRESS entered into a membership with FEW as we felt that this Community Program for women was needed and currently not out there in the market. During the time we have partnered with FEW, we have come to realise how important the work they are doing is. There is still not a great deal of support for women in the workplace and FEW has opened the conversations and support required in the industry. The results that FEW are getting through their Program is a real testament to them, mentoring and helping women, as well as educating others in the industry. Not only is FEW making a real difference, they make everyone feel included, welcome and part of a real community."
Georgina Boots
General Manager ClientFirst Support, Insignia Financial Ltd
Mark Horton Andrews
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