About FEW

Financial Executive Women (FEW) was developed to provide a Career Advocacy Program for successful women within Financial Services.

The Career Advocacy Program is designed specifically so FEW members can obtain advice, guidance and support from more experienced members to help them achieve their full potential.


The members within FEW are future leaders and senior women who want to excel in their career. They either have more steps to go to realise their full potential, or they wish to confidentially seek advice from like-minded individuals, who have similar experience but are outside their current organisation. These esteemed women recognise the value a structured support system provides for career progression.

In addition to the Career Advocacy Program, FEW has created a confidential online forum. The forum is specifically designed to allow members the freedom to discuss business issues on a daily basis, in strict confidence with other members who are bound by the same ethics, trust and confidentiality. This confidential environment created by FEW means its members can discuss any work place issue and receive unbiased advice from experienced female executives within the financial sector.

Leading Principles of FEW

      • Meritocracy in the workplace.  Securing roles based on merit and valuable contribution members add to their organisation.
      • Encouraging members to take a leap of faith and apply for positions within their own organisation. Having confidence in their ability.
      • Confidentiality for all members to ensure open discussion and guidance.
      • Supporting members to take responsibility for their careers and providing guidance through Career Advocates (Senior Members only).
      • Members will pledge to never directly headhunt other members from competing organisations. FEW stands for companies conducting a fair recruitment process for all.
      • Equality should be for everyone.

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