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At FEW, the Advocate Program is at the heart of everything we do. Our mentors are experienced senior leaders who are passionate about paying it forward and supporting the next generation of female leaders by providing support and guidance to help women realise their full potential.
We invite experienced business leaders who are committed to advocating for women, to become part of our powerful mentoring community.
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Michael Phillipou
CEO at Sandstone Technology
FEW Advocate
Ilaine Anderson
Director, Superannuation and Retirement | Australian Wealth Management, AMP
FEW Advocate
Participating in the Advocate Program is an invaluable opportunity for senior leaders across our industry to have a positive and lasting impact on emerging leaders and talented professionals who want to excel in their career. Here are just some of the benefits our advocates have experienced being part of the program.
Pay it forward
Share skills and expertise
Lived experience is one of life's most valuable educators and with every unique experience you are able to share, you can give somebody incredible knowledge to take forward into their careers.
Throughout our careers, we are able to gain knowledge that is beyond any degree or qualification.
The Advocate Program offers you the opportunity to 'pay it forward' by becoming a mentor yourself.
"Our legacy isn't the work, it's the people", according to Todd Henry, author of Herding Tigers. Most successful professionals have been guided by a mentor throughout their careers. They know the importance and benefits of having a mentor.
Be recognised as an
industry leader
By joining our community of industry leaders, you will be part of a powerful network that can help inspire and encourage talented women to be the best they can be.
As an ambassador for FEW and an advocate for women, your passion, experience and expertise will go a long way to making the changes we all want to see when it comes to inclusion, diversity and gender parity.
Why do our mentors love the program?
Our mentors love the program for many reasons, largely because they see it as an opportunity to pay it forward and have a real impact on the future of the industry.
Chief Executive Officer,
Australia & New Zealand at
BNP Paribas Asset
David Grybas
"I have been an Advocate and mentor for a number of very talented leaders in the FEW community. Knowing that my experience can help others step into their potential is extremely rewarding. It's also a 'two way street' — I learn and benefit just as much from connecting with those I mentor."
PwC | Partner
Nicole Oborne
"The FEW Advocate Program is a great way to give back and continue to learn and reimagine what's possible together. Knowing that my experience can and has helped many talented leaders to see the potential in themselves is very rewarding. The check-in sessions provide me with a good opportunity to reflect on how sharing my experiences of both challenges and opportunities can have such an impact on others. The personal growth through genuine interactions and providing support is very fulfilling."
Our program has been recognised and won awards across the industry.
How to apply to be a mentor on the Advocate Program
Ready to take the next step and become a mentor? The process is simple.
Applications are assessed by a panel of industry leaders and successful applicants are shortlisted for an interview.
Application Assessment
Tell us about yourself by completing our application form.
Complete Application
Through careful assessment and a bespoke matching process, you are then paired with a member who will greatly benefit from the skills and experience that you have to offer.
You Get Started
Once you have been accepted as a mentor, you will be welcomed into the community through an onboarding process.
We Find the Perfect Match
See the impact of our Advocate Program
Awards and testimonials from our mentors is one thing, but it is the experience of those who have benefitted from the program as mentees that is even more powerful. This is the impact that the Advocate Program has on our member community:
Colonial First State
Amanda Evans
"For me it has been having someone who is outside my immediate business to provide guidance based on their expertise and experience. Someone without bias who genuinely wants to support me in my success."
"I was introduced to my advocate at a very critical time in my career where I was faced with a decision on what my next step would be. It was great having someone there that I could express how I was feeling and to help me take away the emotional factors and provide guidance on how to handle the situation based on her past experience. I walked away feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and had a clear mind to properly assess my situation."
"My advocate gave me the gift of a new perspective. As she did not work within my organisation it allowed us the freedom to have really honest conversations. At times our conversations were difficult as they involved a good deal of self-reflection, never easy but very valuable. Ultimately our conversations changed my mindset and my behaviour, I'm all the better for it."
"IRESS entered into a membership with FEW as we felt that this Community Program for women was needed and currently not out there in the market. During the time we have partnered with FEW, we have come to realise how important the work they are doing is. There is still not a great deal of support for women in the workplace and FEW has opened the conversations and support required in the industry. The results that FEW are getting through their Program is a real testament to them, mentoring and helping women, as well as educating others in the industry. Not only is FEW making a real difference, they make everyone feel included, welcome and part of a real community."
Colonial First State
Mery Temelkovska
Erica Hall
Georgina Boots
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