FEW Welcomes Macquarie As Corporate Sponsor

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We are so excited to announce that Macquarie have become Diamond Corporate Sponsors of FEW. The support of Corporates is very important for the positive progression of women. Thank you Macquarie for your support. Regards Judith Beck, FEW Founder  

Female finance Executive Body Making Progress

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Financial Observer 12 Nov 2014 By Elizabeth Somerville Financial Executive Women (FEW), an association that empowers females in the financial services sector, has been making inroads with its goal to enable women to reach their full potential through the networking and mentoring opportunities it provides to members. The association, which was established in July 2013, had reached a total of …

To bankers who didn’t get a bonus – you’re not alone

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FINACIAL REVIEW PUBLISHED: 11 Sep 2013 19:22:00 | UPDATED: 12 Sep 2013 09:18:45PUBLISHED: 12 Sep 2013 Lucille Keen Bankers disappointed with this year’s bonus cheques might reconsider a rush for the exits as the grass might not be greener elsewhere, recruiters warned. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia paid bonuses on Tuesday, a month after reporting a record $7.8 billion profit …

Promote female staff on merit – Insurance News Feb 2013

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Insurancenews.com.au 27 February 2013 Women’s career progress in the financial services sector should be based on merit, not quotas, a new industry body says. Quotas are acceptable when a company is selecting graduates but have no place at the senior management level, according to Judith Beck, founder of Financial Executive Women (FEW). “You have 50% girls and 50% boys in …

The case against quotas – Australian Financial Review March 2013

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In an age when equality should be increasing, it’s staggering to see that women are still so far behind their male counterparts when it comes to pay and representation in senior positions. Quotas are often claimed to be the answer. But aside from board and intern positions, I don’t believe they will solve the core issue and, importantly, are not …

More companies look to recruit senior women – Financial Observer, August 2014

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The number of companies looking to hire women for senior leadership roles has significantly increased, according to Financial Recruitment Group managing director Judith Beck. “Over the last couple of years companies have been putting a much greater emphasis on having the right balance,” Beck told financialobserver. “Diversity is much higher on the agenda for employers these days and that’s not …

ASX Group Media Release, 08 March 2013

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Report finds majority of Australia’s listed companies adopt gender diversity policy The majority of Australia’s listed companies now have a gender diversity policy in place or plan to implement one, according to the findings of an independent report released by ASX today. The ASX-commissioned report was conducted by KPMG and analysed compliance by 600 ASX-listed companies with the ASX Corporate …