Goal Setting – how to get back on track

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Golden Door“The best laid plans are paved with good intentions”

How many times do we set goals for ourselves, only to be waylaid by other commitments and priorities as life takes hold of us?

We hope that by setting goals it will prompt us to be more vigilant and to work harder, however there will always be obstacles and challenges which is why planning for setbacks should be a-part of your goal setting strategy.

The bad news is that sometimes we fall of the wagon and resume a behaviour we decided to cease. The first thing to do is remember that hyper-vigilance does not work –

so be nice to yourself!

The good news is you’re not alone and face it, none of us are perfect no matter what we like to think, there will be setbacks and times when your willpower fails. You’re only human.

Go back to how you felt at the beginning of 2015 – refreshed, energetic and enthusiastic about the year ahead – and now recognise all you have achieved in this first quarter of the year. Celebrate your achievements, and those of your family, and re-prioritise those goals you know will make a difference to your life. Now take a look at your goals; tweak them if you need to, extend the time frame, or simplify them.

To give you a personal example, early this year I signed up to run my first half marathon on 19 April with a good sub 2 hour time, and suffice to say that my training has not been ideal, mostly because finding two hours to run is a fair challenge in a busy life. I am now down at the pointy end where I need to taper and rest in order to perform at my best and although my head says I need to train, I am also aware that I need to let it be, allow my body some recovery time, and perform at my best on the day, even if it means I don’t run a great time. I will still achieve my goal of completing a half marathon. Then I will simply get back on the horse and aim for my next event.

You don’t have to do everything at once so start with the one thing that will make the most significant difference. Remember to aim for 10% change and review the barriers that have gotten in the way of your success. Is there something you can do to address these barriers or are they unavoidable traps that you need to work around? Understand which excuses you are likely to use, where your weaknesses are and plan on how you will address these setbacks in order to continue to move forward with your goals.

Recognise that you have emotions and that they need looking after. Don’t feed them with anything other than tender loving care. If you need help managing them then by all means seek help. If this helps you achieve your goals, feel more positive about your life and the direction it is taking, that can only be a good thing.

If you need a reboot or a kick-start then Golden Door is here – a click away. We have a website full of motivating tips and tricks or if a visit is on the cards to help you reset then come and see us.

Melissa Ingram – Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia, Wellness Consultant and Retreat Physiotherapist

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