AMP executives become Financial Executive Women (FEW) advocates

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Financial Executive Women (FEW) is pleased to announce that executives from leading financial services company, AMP, have joined as advocates of the FEW program.

FEW was developed to help ensure women have the guidance and experience they need to progress their careers. FEW’s structured Career Advocacy Program provides members with direct access to highly experienced leaders in the financial services industry, committed to mentoring and supporting their career development.

AMP is currently a Platinum Partner of FEW, having supported the program since its inception almost seven years ago. 16 executives from AMP Australia, including 11 men to join FEW Good Men, now participate in the program, whilst Ilaine Anderson, AMP’s Managing Director, Workplace Super, is a member of the FEW Advisory Board. Many other AMP employees are also members of FEW.

As most senior positions in financial services are still held by men, they also play a critical role as mentors to the women in the industry. The FEW Good Men program, established in 2018, currently has over 50 executive men helping women outside their current organisations.

Judith Beck FEW Founder and CEO, said:
AMP nominating so many of their executive team – both men and women – as Advocates is another positive step towards equality and ensuring women have the support they need to make it to the next level. The contribution from corporate partners, like AMP, is essential in unifying the industry towards this purpose.

The role of advocates is to share experiences, provide guidance and make sure women at all levels, not only have the support they need to progress their careers, but are also able to help other women.  

Women who have benefited from the program often describe it as career changing, attributing their progression directly to the guidance received from advocates, while men who have participated as advocates say they are better leaders because of the experience. 

Alex Wade, Chief Executive Officer, AMP Australia said:

I’m delighted so many of our senior leaders have committed to FEW’s Advocacy Program. It’s clear the program makes a positive difference to the lives and careers of many women, and ultimately creates better workplaces and businesses.

Executives participating include:

Alex Wade – Chief Executive Officer, AMP Australia, David Akers – Managing Director, Business Partnerships, Rod Finch – Managing Director, AMP Bank, Fraser Herd – Managing Director, Client Relationships, Luke Symons – Managing Director, Digital, Ant Dureau – Chief Client Officer, Lakshman Anantakrishnan – Chief Investment Officer, Adrian Urquhart – Chief Financial Officer, James Kent – Technology Director, Delivery for COO, Mark Mullington – Chief Risk Officer, Advice & Wealth, Leigh Natalier – Head of Office, Ilaine Anderson – Managing Director, Workplace Super, Lara Bourguignon – Managing Director, Superannuation, Retirement & Platform - CEO, SuperConcepts, Jennifer Thomas – Chief Operating Officer, Channelle Jacob – Head of People Partnering, Sharon Rockell – Group Head of Business & Customer Communications.

For more information, please contact Judith Beck at:

Telephone:  03 9614 7822



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