Christmas Party expectations

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Christmas Party expectations

Recently we had a question on our forum about Christmas Party etiquette. We have all heard the disaster stories about bad behavior at Office Christmas parties. I am not sure why people think the company Christmas party is the perfect time to corner the boss about what is not working.

Here is what an Office Christmas party isn’t:

  • It isn’t the time to drink to excess unless you want to look like a fool and potentially lose your job
  • It isn’t the place to air grievances, no one wants to hear it no matter how much they act interested
  • Your great idea for the new structure may not sound so great after a few wines, these conversations should be during work hours
  • It isn’t the time to ask for a pay increase, people seriously do this after a few drinks and managers hate it
  • It isn’t the place to tell someone what you really think of them, remember your colleagues are stakeholders and what you say will be remembered

Etiquette for the Office Christmas Party:

  • Remember it is a work function and limit alcohol – don’t damage your brand at one party, if you want to let your hair down do it with family and friends – they will forgive you
  • Make an appearance, stay for an appropriate amount of time and leave gracefully
  • If you have to buy a present, keep it generic and simple – nothing too personal
  • Lunches are better than dinners so they don’t interfere with family time
  • If you have a party on a Friday or Saturday night, it is nice to extend the invite to partners. By not inviting them you take away family time. Keep in mind partners are the major influencers for people moving from one company to the next. If budget is an issue have your party during the week.
  • Thank your employer for the party. Parties aren’t a given, they are expensive and it is nice to be thanked. Don’t complain about the venue or anything else about the party. Be thankful you are going to one.
  • If you are having the party in the office and serving alcohol, make sure staff are given taxi vouchers.
  • What ever you do, don’t take pictures/selfies and post on social media – remember your brand
  • Not a good idea to dance on the tables as well!  Enjoy the Festivities! Regards Judith

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