Don’t underestimate the difference you make

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You want to make a difference but your mind chatter tells you that making a difference takes time and resources and you will get to it when you actually have some time. That grand gesture, developing a new product or service that will change the world or working in the charity that you have been talking about for years. Sound familiar? I am proud to say that we have hundreds of members who are making a difference by being Advocates to other members. They make time to meet with their sponsored person regularly providing experience, guidance and support.

FEW is going into its fifth year and we see all kinds of examples of members making a difference and they don’t even realise it. They underestimate how important their advice was to another member who listened to them and put into practice their recommendation. Thank you to all our Advocates who are giving their time to help our members, you are making a difference. A difference to their job, the presentation they did, a client pitch, handling a sensitive situation or  their confidence and how they see themselves. What a difference it made when you answered the anonymous  question on the FEW forum that not only helped the member asking their question but dozens of members who read it daily and thought to themselves ‘Yeah, that is happening to me and I am going to take her advice’. Someone asked me how we measure success and I said by making a difference in our members lives.

How can you make a difference today that won’t take much effort?

When you drive to work tomorrow how about letting someone in from the merging lane with a wave and a smile and see what reaction you get. When you get in the elevator at work look up from your phone and smile at someone and if you are feeling really adventurous say the word hello. Watch the person react. Then when you walk into the office greet your staff, ask them how they are. Sure they will probably think you are on happy pills if this is out of character but it will put a smile on their face. Before you get a coffee ask your staff or colleagues if they would like one (then they might think ‘now I know there is something wrong – where is Mary/John and what have you done with him/her?’). Let someone else run the meeting and give others the opportunity to learn. Little things can make a big difference. Help someone else with a presentation they are nervous about or if you see someone upset ask them if you can help.

At the end of the day ask yourself – what did I do today to make a difference?

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