End of Financial Year Tips from Judith

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kicking goalHappy End of Financial Year!

Like any new year regardless if calendar or financial new year, it is always a good time to re-evaluate. In the last 6 months how to handle change and restructures are on everyone’s mind. Feedback is that people are feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Two things you will find out, that won’t do you or your organisation any good in the long run. So what are you going to do about it? Two quick tips that that may help.

Tip 1

Speak up – Why do overworked and overwhelmed people generally keep it to themselves? My guess is they fear that the boss will think they are whinging and their job will be at risk. If you work in a place that you fear ramifications for speaking up then it is time to re-evaluate why you are there.

My experience is that most employers want their employees to be productive. No one is productive if they are overworked or overwhelmed because at some stage something will suffer - your health, your motivation, the service, the quality, in addition to things falling through the cracks causing business risks.  If you are doing several jobs because of redundancies/downsizing you need to let your boss know what is possible and what isn’t possible. Keep a log of what you do for two weeks including the hours you are putting in and time for each task. Two things, you will find out that there are time wasters in your day and you can improve what you do, or you will be able to show your manager that you need additional help.

Tip 2

Focus on what you know - Being overwhelmed can sometimes be our mind trying to knock the confidence out of us. Stop focusing on what you can’t do and focus on what you know. Start one step at a time. When there is a restructure often your current role changes, new tasks are added, new managers, and a whole different ball game is on the field. You have to adjust from being the goalie to being a player on the field. The view is different and you need to kick if you want to get a goal. In order to score you need to readjust your thinking. You know how to play the game, you just need to learn the new position.

After you do your log for 2 weeks, how much of your time was wasted on self-doubt and rehashing what you can’t do, telling colleagues what you can’t do, going home and telling your partner what you can’t do. Everything is hard before it is easy. Recognise the signals and stop the chatter. Take your position on the field and kick the ball, you have just as good of chance as anyone else.

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