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Financial Executive Women (FEW) is currently celebrating a 5 year milestone by completing today at NAB their nationwide learning and development leadership conference. Hosted by Corporate Sponsors in 5 states to over 700 women with a theme of Making a Difference.

The membership boasts some of the most esteemed senior executive women and future leaders in the industry. Members come from all sectors within financial services, banking, wealth management, superannuation, and insurance. FEW’s corporate sponsors are some of Australia’s most successful organisations who are all committed to making sure their workforce is balanced.

Judith Beck, Founder of FEW said, Going into our fifth year we feel it is important to not only continue with our quest to ensure women are provided with support, guidance and experience but to also ensure equality is for everyone. It has always been the belief of FEW that the lack of progression for women in the last 20 years has been more about lack of the support systems needed to get from A to B. FEW has had a very positive impact in helping women in the industry achieve their goals by providing them with Advocates who are more senior to them who provide experience, guidance and support.

As most Senior positions are still held by men, the only way to break this cycle is for men to participate as mentors to the women who are coming up the ladder. Women in their 30’s and 40’s are getting closer to the top of the ladder, but unlike their male counterparts may not have the guidance, support and advice needed to help them take the next steps into General Management or Managing Director level roles. This means women who are taking those next steps into these roles are at a disadvantage compared to their male counterparts who have been sponsored and mentored throughout their career.

The “good men” in our industry have been supportive of equality and the positive progression of women and want to continue to be. To ensure that our members at senior levels have the next step guidance, support and experience, FEW is launching a new initiative called FEW Good Men.

In less than two weeks, since I started to make the calls, we already have 17 Executive level men from major financial services organisations who have committed and I expect to have 100 by Christmas, Beck said. These men are asked to participate in the FEW program as Advocates for a minimum of 12 months up to 2 years and then they are paired with another member. There is a structured process and strict guidelines.

We anticipate this initiative to make a huge difference in the support women will have access too going into General Manager and above positions, Beck said. Our Conference theme of Making a Difference will not end today.

For more information contact our Head of Marketing & Operations Anna Siassios 0402 606 824

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