Get Over Yourself

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colettewerdenEvery single time you say no to an opportunity to get yourself out there, you're being incredibly selfish.

You're only thinking about yourself.

"I'm not good enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm not educated enough, not deserving enough, not skinny enough, not successful enough".

You possess a talent, a skill, a service that you KNOW can help others.

You've helped others with it already.

You've even helped yourself with it.

Yet, you're cheating the world of how you can help them by playing small.

Your talent has very little to do with you and so much to do with the difference you can make when you use it.

To make that difference you must put yourself out there.

Ok, you may have tried before and hated the experience.

You stuttered on stage, you stumbled in a media interview, you hated what you looked like in that photo, you had no idea how to share your story or got overwhelmed with how to even start promoting yourself.

That doesn't mean you don't do it.

That only means that you have identified a new set of skills or area of learning that you need to develop to achieve your mission.

To get yourself out there confidently, you must LEARN how to present your identity to the world so that they can connect with it easily.

That's what we're obsessed with; helping people who are passionate about what they do, get themselves out there confidently, so they can make their difference.

A difference to their family, team, clients, community, their industry or to the world.

Article by Colette Werden

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