How are you kicking off 2017?

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kicking-off-2017Is this you?

Here are my 3 tips on kicking 2017 off on the right foot.

  1. Learn to delegate – If you try to take on too much it will pile up and nothing will get done. You will become overwhelmed and will start making mistakes in an effort to push the work through. 90% of what we do is routine and the other 10% high level. Keep the high level and delegate the routine. When you get back into the office, start with taking things in bite size portions; one thing at a time. Nothing you do is Einstein level (sorry but unless you are a rocket scientist or equivalent, other people are capable to do whatever you’ve got on, so give your staff the opportunity). If they make a mistake, that’s ok, they are learning. As a manager, you are the teacher – so teach.
  2. Leave last year’s baggage in 2016 – 2017 is time to move forward and be positive. Carrying old baggage about people, your job or where you think the economy is or isn’t going, will only hold YOU back. Focus on what you need to do to be good at your job and having a healthy work life balance. It’s a new year and you can’t change things outside your control so stop dwelling on them. We waste so much time thinking about the things we can’t control.
  3. Diarise your technology – Do you have FOMO (Fear of missing out)? Social media is part of our lives, how you handle it will make the difference in your balance and productivity. If you are consuming too much of it, diarise a regular time (once a day maximum) to look at the various social media you use and stick to it. I would say once a week would be enough but I know some people would have an issue with that, so take bite sizes until you get used to it. The pictures of Uncle John’s new motorcycle and Aunt Betty’s 50th selfie will always be there so you won’t miss anything. Checking social media several times a day wastes time and takes up your thinking time as you may be thinking about what you just saw that has nothing to do with your job or your life. If you record the amount of time you spend checking Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you would be astonished to learn how much time you actually loose. It is a wonder how anyone gets anything done! Social media does have its place,
    however don’t let it take over. Diarise the time you access it and see what a difference it can make. I would us the same guidelines for emails and LinkedIn – set your time and stick to it.

Three things to think about – How are you kicking off 2017?

Regards Judith

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