It takes courage to set goals and hard work to achieve them

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Sandra Hartl

It takes courage to set goals and it may be hard work to achieve them, but doing so allows us the most rewarding feeling of satisfaction, success and happiness.

Sandra is one of our Senior Members at FEW and she’s on a mission to put smiles on people’s faces, especially those who are less fortunate in life.

The people of Cambodia touched her heart during recent trips. Although far from the standard of life we are used to, their generosity and attitude towards life was astonishing and moving for Sandra. She shared with us stories of several teenagers who were highly appreciative of every opportunity they could find to further their education, who were committed to their studies and who worked sometimes two or three jobs with no complaints - pushing through eagerly to work towards a better future.

To help a family have a better future, Sandra is flying to Siem Reap this November as part of a charity called Bracelets for Buildings. Her aim is to raise $3000 to build a house for a family who currently doesn’t have a home.

In July this year, to create awareness for this charity project, Sandra faced her fears and committed to step on stage at the prestigious World Beauty Fitness & Fashion  (WBFF) bodybuilding show in Sydney.

'I was so nervous and scared. Luckily the judges and audience did not see that. I was totally out of my comfort zone and pushed my personal limits far and beyond. But at the same time I felt a sense of achievement, increase in confidence and self-esteem, especially when I was awarded a trophy of 2nd place (no monetary prize was awarded)' she says.

We hope that Sandra’s personal achievement inspires you to challenge your comfort zone.

Support Sandra in this great cause.


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