Judith’s tips on adapting to change

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New mindset and results

Recently we have been getting a lot of questions about change that is happening in the industry and how to handle it.

Here is my very simple guide to adapting to change and what I have seen the Top 10 Percenters do over the years:


  • Celebrate it Whether you have new a new role because of a restructure, added responsibilities, new boss or going through a downsize, celebrate the change. You will learn from it, it could be good for your career and adds a new challenge. Even if you have been made redundant this could be the new direction you need for something better.
  • Accept it Change puts you outside your comfort zone and just like giving a presentation for the first few times, you will always feel overwhelmed – accept this is going to happen and take a positive view. By the looks of things change is here to stay.
  • Deal with it If you are negative about the change it is probably evident to others and you won’t come across as a team player. Your brand will be damaged so you need to deal with what is happening from a business perspective and try not to take it personally. Differentiate the emotion from business, this can be hard to do I know. Talk to someone outside the organisation who will help you work through the emotional aspects.
  • Learn it If you don’t agree with the new structure or you can’t see where your role fits in, stop complaining. Take the time to learn the new change. Analyse any issues and at that point you are then in the right position to make recommendations. No point complaining about something that you haven’t taken the time to learn, you will only come across as ill-informed.
  • Lead it Embrace the change and take a positive view. Lead by example for your team and colleagues. Show them that you understand the organisations direction and you are supportive of the changes for a successful outcome.

I have over the years seen lots of restructures, mergers, downsizing, management change and redundancies. Fighting it never works for anyone. There is a reason they call it change, it is because what was there before isn’t working so we need to try something different to get a successful outcome.

My recommendation is to Celebrate it, Accept it, Deal with it, Learn it, Lead it!

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