The Power of Self Belief

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Tracey Sofra, shares with us some insight to her key note The Power of Self Belief at the upcoming Adelaide and Perth Making a Difference - Leadership Conferences.

A lack of self-belief seems to be a huge burden carried by so many. What do you choose to believe? We take our beliefs as truths when in fact they can be anything but truth. We buy into them, hold on to them, defend them and are defined by them. We let them rule our lives, our choices, our careers and our relationships and yes we even go to war over them.
When was the last time you actually looked at what your beliefs were? When did you last question where they came from? And if they have any merit or place in your life?

“If you believe you can, if you believe you can’t, you are probably right”.

The well documented placebo effect is where a patient’s condition improves from using fake medication.

It defies our understanding of the connection between the body and mind. Sugar pills have been the most consistent performer in clinical trials over the years relieving pain, depression, disability, asthmas and other medical conditions as effectively as drugs or surgery.

A study on asthma treatment found that patients who were given fake inhalers reported identical asthma relief as those using a real inhaler. It isn’t about what’s in it but about the beliefs we load onto it. We believe and expect that it will work. Our minds create the medicine.

What does all this mean? It means that what you believe to be real is more important than what is real. It means you are defined by what you believe. It means that belief defines your reality. I’m not asking you to believe in a higher power, method, system or technique for achieving success. What you must believe in and what I am talking about here is “Believing in yourself”.

• How else can you possibly succeed?
• How can you succeed when in your heart you don’t believe you can
• How is that supposed to work?
• How can you achieve your goals with such a mindset?
If you’re defeated in the mind then you’re already defeated in reality, you just don’t know it yet. You must believe in yourself. Self-Belief is critical to success.

Where do I get my self-belief – My dad

The greatest influence from our childhood is what our parents make us believe about ourselves. The greatest gift parents can give their children is self-belief. The beliefs kids develop and hold true about themselves become vital forces in their success or failure in everything they do in life.
My dad always told me I could do anything, I was the smartest, most beautiful and capable of anything. Did I believe him? Yes of course I did. If you are told something often enough it becomes a part of you, it sunk in, it became part of my psyche, my state of mind and became ME.

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