What gets you up in the morning?

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We are all responsible for our own motivation. There are people who will lead, inspire and encourage us, but we can’t always rely on them to get us up in the morning. It is your responsibility to take control of your mood and motivation. Don’t look for others to always pick you up.

One thing that is evident to me is you can change your mood and motivation in just a moment.  Sound easy, sometimes yes, other times no depending on your situation.

So how can you make a difference in how you are feeling? I find 3 simple things that help me when I am feeling down to get me out of my rut.

  1. The first thing I do is say to myself is, “come on Judith is it really that bad, think about it and get over it”. I confirm in my head the positive things in my life and how fortunate I am. My health, my family, my friends, my job etc. Will this so-called problem be important to me in a year’s time? What is the worst that could happen if whatever I am dwelling on doesn’t go my way and will that matter in one or five years’ time?
  2. Mind chatter can make you go crazy if you dwell on what is or isn’t happening. Negative speculation is not only a waste of time but usually what we speculate will happen never does. You can avoid this by not putting off the hard task on your list. You know the one, where you need to call a client about an issue but you put it off because you speculate the answer will be negative. Days go by and time wasted thinking about it and if you would have just picked up the phone you would have your answer and probably a positive outcome. Even if the answer isn’t what you wanted to hear, isn’t it better to get it over with so you can move on?
  3. Get rid of negative people from you tribe. Negative people will feed into your mood and motivation. Tune them out and avoid if possible. If you have a negative colleague who is always complaining don’t give them the air time with you to download, this will affect your motivation. Make yourself aware of what is happening and address it. For example, if they want to down load, politely say that you have work that needs to be done and can’t speak. After a while they will stop coming to you.

Life is too short to spend it on negative thoughts when you could be making a positive difference!

Regards Judith



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