What’s your atmosphere?

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How you feel in your environment will help motivate or demotivate you. What does your space look like? Have you ever gone to a friends newly renovated house and then gone home and thought what can I do to refresh? Recently we went to the opening of a client’s premises - IRESS and loved what they have done with their space. I thought about the importance of loving your space and how it can make you feel. Everyone was smiling, it was very upbeat, trendy, open plan and high tech. Well done IRESS.

Not every person can renovate their house or office, but atmosphere is important to how we feel. In our recent circles we discussed the importance of managers taking a leadership stance on motivation. Someone said their manager never says hello in the morning – ever. We wondered if that person wasn’t a morning person, but all agreed that it doesn’t matter, if you are the boss say hello to your staff in the morning – it’s not hard and it will mean a lot, more than you realise. Think happy staff equals productivity. You are part of your environment and just like the décor, all atmosphere will contribute to how we feel during the day.

During this stressful time in the industry it is even more important to pay attention to your environment and the pulse of the office. Are people getting sick more often, late to work, longer breaks or do they just seem like they have a lack of energy. If there has been a change in the atmosphere you need to see what you can do to change the landscape. If you are the boss, then it is up to you. Start with what you can do today. Say hello in the morning, tell someone they did a good job, get your staff a coffee, thank someone for having your back. It really is very easy if you think about it and will go a long way.

If you work from home even if only a couple days per week, make sure your home office is set up properly, is uncluttered and cheery. Make contact with a colleague to see how they are going and say hello to them in the morning as well, even if by email or text – stay connected.

So, whilst I can’t renovate my office to an open plan, I can refresh by decluttering, fresh paint and plants and the Christmas tree will go up this week! Thanks IRESS for the inspiration, time to get the paint brush!

Here is a great example with Andrew Hewison CEO of Hewison Private Wealth giving kudos to his staff. We can all take tips from this.

Regards, Judith

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