You are capable of more than you imagine

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lisa-stephensonLisa Stephenson, Who Am I Projects

Most people want something in their life to be different, perhaps wishing to be healthier, smarter, wealthier, happier, sexier, more successful – or whatever.

And yet complacency, procrastination, apathy and mediocrity abound; our natural inclination to be comfortable holds us back, as do our habits and experiences. The ‘gremlins’ in our head tell us why we can’t, won’t or shouldn’t; limiting beliefs can sabotage our plans and dreams.

The reality is: ‘You have everything you need, but it will take everything you’ve got.’ (author unknown)

With this reality, comes a choice. We can do what we have always done and keep getting the results we’ve always gotten, or, we can create more of the life we want by becoming more conscious of what needs to happen and change.

After years of coaching hundreds of successful people, I have observed that those who achieve do what is required, rather than what is easy. They are solution focused, forward thinkers who ask themselves the right questions – the hard questions; they take risks and make some mistakes. Importantly, they don’t give up and always persevere! Successful people have a strong sense of self and surround themselves with people who tell them the truth! Crucially they look for ways to stretch themselves and get uncomfortable, knowing the most transformative learning happens in discomfort.

If you are totally happy with yourself – your career, health, quality of life and relationships – then read no further; but if you know you have some work to do to get to where you’d rather be, then ask yourself this most important question, ‘Who am I?’.

Some coaching questions to reflect on:

  • Are you living in alignment with your values?
  • How much of your thinking is habitual?
  • Have you learnt your lessons?
  • Do you know what your real potential is?
  • Why is commitment more important than motivation?
  • How do you stop what isn’t working?
  • Do you know what you are great at and why?
  • Are you writing your own story?
  • When did you last get uncomfortable?
  • Are you proud to be you?

There are no excuses when we know who we are – we have to take responsibility for ourselves and the results we are getting. Even more importantly, when we get all this, we come to realise that to achieve our version of success - our ‘best life’, we must each be our most important project!

Lisa Stephenson is coach and Founding Director of Who Am I Projects, which specialise in working with individuals and organisations on learning projects focussing on emotionally intelligent living.

Lisa is also one of the keynote speakers at the FEW leadership Conference, April 2017, so make sure you register as seats are limited to 300 and it was sold out last year.

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