FEW Affiliates

Each year the FEW Annual Leadership Conference is supported by keynote speakers who are leading experts in their field. These ladies have a wealth of experience in personal development and leadership. FEW is proud to be affiliated with these amazing women.

Vanessa Bennett – CEO, Next Evolution Performance

Former Financial Services Executive turned High Performance guru, Vanessa Bennett has almost 20 years’ experience in financial services, Vanessa knows the importance of staying fit, happy, healthy and managing your energy appropriately to build and maintain a successful corporate career. Vanessa is CEO of Next Evolution Performance where she helps busy executives and their teams to improve their performance and decrease their effort levels and chance of burnout in the process. Next Evolution Performance


Corinne Canter – Senior Consultant, Human Synergistics

corrine canterCorinne’s expertise has been gathered over more than 25 years of challenging roles working in telecommunications, finance and construction sectors. Before joining Human Synergistics, Corinne held senior leadership roles and led business change initiatives within organisations such as Vodafone and Colonial.

Corinne’s highlights include:

  • Leading a major change and business performance improvement program for Vodafone Australia, including the integration of several different business divisions. (IT, Contact Centers, Engineering & Operations).
  • Delivering 15% measured improvement with the leadership team of one of Australia’s largest Casino operators.
  • She was researched and co-authored Human Synergistics’ first book and business best seller “In Great Company”. The book documents the findings of a yearlong research project into the link between organizational culture and business performance. Human Synergistics

Heather Dawson - Internationally-experienced executive, speaker and coach

Heather DawsonWS

A native of the Midwest in the United States, Heather has spent the last 20 years living and working around the world as a senior executive in the fast-moving financial and professional services industries in the US, Australia and New Zealand as a former managing director for Russell Investments and partner at global HR leader, Mercer. She’s passionate about building purpose-driven cultures where people, and performance, thrive.

Now in her own consulting and coaching practice, she works with leaders to develop leadership presence, and with organisations to create well-being, innovation & productivity in their workplaces.

She’s a teacher-in-training with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), based in San Francisco. Born at Google and based on brain science, SIYLI uses the practices of mindfulness to train emotional intelligence skills, leading to resilience, positive mindset, and centered leadership. In the midst of complexity, it’s about first finding the inner capacity to create, to thrive, to lead. To connect with Heather: heatherdawson@me.comLinkedInAbout.me

Samantha Gash – Endurance Athlete & Social Entrepreneur

sam-gash-lores-5Inspirational endurance athlete and keynote speaker, Samantha Gash had a desire to challenge herself and to make a difference in the world. Ambitious and determined, Samantha couldn’t have imagined that her journey would take her to the four corners of the earth and impact so many lives.

Samantha’s last expedition was a 2350 kms race across South Africa’s Freedom Trail. A journey that saw her running two marathons a day for 32 days and raising funds for Save The Children, to support education, health and confidence for young South African women. Samantha Gash


 Golden Door - Corporate Wellness

Golden DoorConscious leadership and the belief in employee health and wellbeing is emerging as a new paradigm for strong and sustainable businesses.

For more than 20 years Golden Door’s world-class health and wellbeing programs have positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people. Their holistic approach to coaching, education, nutrition and fitness have an outstanding proven track record, enabling individuals to make better lifestyle choices and achieve personal improvement. They have built a solid foundation and an excellent reputation for creating a great vibe and energy that comes from a passionate and highly skilled team.

Importantly, Golden Door affects change that extends to the needs of the corporate workplace by motivating and empowering people at an individual level. The purpose-built environment at Golden Door retreat supports and encourages healthy living and creative thinking. The venue offers an ideal escape with its mountainous landscape, stunning scenery and fresh air in the Hunter Valley to recharge and replenish individuals and teams to be at their best. They fully understand that people are one of your biggest investments and that to have them energised, motivated, focused and mentally at their best, gives your business the best chance of optimum performance.

The Corporate Wellness programs by Golden Door are designed to:

• Create a shift in one’s thinking: to enlighten, inspire and thrive.
• Motivate change and establish new healthy habits for a better life and workplace.

This could be one of the most strategic steps you can take as a leader.
“The better you take care of your people and yourself, the better they will take care of business” 

Golden Door


Suzi Skinner – Managing Director, Roar People

Award winning Researcher, Leadership Coach and World-Wide Facilitator, Suzi Skinner is founder of Roar People, a leadership consultancy inspired by her award-winning research into leadership. Suzi is also Managing Director of Selftalk, an executive and health coaching consultancy.

She was awarded the Outstanding Women in Leadership Award by the World Leadership Congress in Mumbai for her leadership work in India. She was also a speaker at the W.I.N Conference in Prague in 2013.  www.selftalk.com.au and www.roarpeople.com.au



Margie Warrell – Best Selling Author and Forbes Columnist

margieForbes Columnist, Bestselling Author and Women's Leadership Coach, Margie Warrell is an internationally recognised thought leader in human potential. Drawing on her background in Fortune 500 Business, psychology and coaching, Margie has worked with leaders in organisations around the globe including NASA, UN Foundation, Oracle, HP, and many others. Founder of Global Courage and Raw Courage TV, Margie is particularly passionate about empowering women to expand their vision, and to build their leadership capacity, confidence and courage to influence positive change. Margie's books 'Find Your Courage' and 'Stop Playing Safe' have been published in multiple languages. Her new book Brave was released in April. Margie is also a regular commentator on ABC News Breakfast and Sunrise.  Learn more at www.margiewarrell.com


Colette Werden – Style and Image Specialist 

Colette Werden Crop 2Colette began her journey in 2007 at Australia’s longest running image school, Suzan Johnston Australia. Since then Colette has gained a steadfast reputation for radically transforming the lives of her female entrepreneur and professional clientele, by increasing their self-confidence through developing their image and communication skills. Colette’s leading edge ‘The Ratio System’ is designed to open up the idea of a whole new way of dressing by helping women to dress for what they really want. Colette lives by the mantra, “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up”.  You can learn more about Colette by visiting www.colettewerden.com