Harness the hidden power of coaching
You're ready to embrace new ways of working — and we're here to help. It's one thing to learn something new, but embedding those skills into your daily practice is a whole other ballgame. Unfortunately, even the best advice on its own doesn't lead to transformation.
If you've ever left a workshop inspired only to find your new ideas pushed to the backburner once you return to the busyness of everyday work, you know what we mean. But there are ways to combat what we call 'corporate amnesia'. Research shows that holistic approaches to professional development — that means impactful coaching alongside targeted content — allow leaders to build skills and actually put them into practice.

International Coaching Federation-certified coach Rajiv Jayarajah says it best: "Coaching is about asking powerful questions that allow people to tap into their own internal resources and think differently."

Changing the future of work takes work. So we need to work with ourselves, not against ourselves. We can't build skills like empathy, adaptability and cultural intelligence overnight. We need help from evidence-based models to better understand ourselves, build our skills and put them into practice.

Here's an outtake from one of our webinars, where he explains just how impactful the right coaching methods can be.
Find professional development that builds your unique capabilities
We're here to help you fight 'corporate amnesia' and build valuable skills that you will actually use. These are just a few ways we've embedded evidence-based coaching methods into our Adaptive Global Leaders & Super Teams program:

  • Get five small-group coaching sessions tailored to your needs
  • Develop personal goals with help from our coaches — and then get support working towards them
  • Get time to reflect on the content you've covered and apply it directly to your work context
  • Work with coaches who ask strategic questions to challenge your knowledge and build on your unique strengths.

No professional development is set-and-forget. That's why we embed coaching throughout the course and give you access to the course materials even once you've finished the program. We think that all professional development should be like this. Because it works.

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