Join FEW - Financial Executive Women

  • FEW provides Senior Members with an experienced Career Advocate from the Financial Services industry to guide and inspire.
  • FEW helps members develop a better network of Advocates within the Financial Services industry and who are in their corner for advice and guidance throughout their career.
  • FEW will help members develop their profile in the industry and within their own organisation.
  • Access to a confidential online forum, with like-minded women from the financial services industry to ask questions and gain support on a daily basis.

  • Connect with a group of like-minded women who have the member’s best interest at heart.
  • Structured, continued personal development.
  • Circle@10 for our Future Leaders and Circle@2 for our Senior Members where you can ask any question on safe and confidential format.
  • FEW/CareerCEO Mentoring Program - Be the CEO of your career take charge of your next step by completing this program.
  • FPA and FEW partnered alliance joint events and more.
  • Reduced rates to FEW Annual Leadership Conference.

Senior Member

FEW Senior Membership consists of women at Senior Manager and Executive level – each level will sponsor the next level down in terms of experience and be supported by the next level up.

Senior Members must have the following background within the financial services industry:

  • Minimum ten years plus experience in a senior relationship level position.
  • State or National level with management responsibilities.
  • GM or MD level, running a division or business.
  • Leadership abilities and a passion for the industry.
  • Desire to be a part of the Career Advocate Programme – be sponsored by a Career Advocate and to be a Career Advocate to the next level.

*Senior Members are paired with an Advocate who has more experience than they do in the financial sector.

The Career Advocate Programme is designed to take members through a quarterly, structured advocacy process where they will receive experienced guidance and support.

Pairing with an appropriate Advocate could take a number of months. However, during this time each member will have access to a confidential forum, where questions can be asked of the entire Senior Membership base who will provide advice on a daily basis if needed.

*Please note: If you do not require an advocate at this stage and would still like to join FEW, join as a Senior Member No Advocate to experience all our other initiatives.

Future Leader

Future Leaders are the rising stars of the Financial Services industry. Members at this level have access to an online forum to seek advice and guidance on a daily basis, if needed. Questions can be difficult to ask managers or colleagues. Future Leaders are encouraged to ask questions anonymously on the forum where Senior Members will guide and offer advice in a positive direction, every step of the way. Once Future Leaders gain ten years’ experience invitation into Senior Membership is offered.

Future Leaders have the following background:

  • Minimum five years’ experience within the Financial Services industry.
  • Leadership qualities and a passion for the industry.
  • Willingness to progress to Senior Membership level – to be supported by an Advocate and become an Advocate in the future.
  • All members agree to meet confidentiality guidelines and a code of ethics.

*Please note: If you would like to upgrade your membership and have an Advocate please contact Marija Cvetkovska on

FEW will assist in career development by providing guidance, truth and honesty