Keynote Speakers

Lisa Dowie

Lisa Dowie

Chief Customer Officer, PEXA

Lisa has been with PEXA since November 2012, and during this time has held various roles in both Technology and Operations. Since February 2016 in her role as Chief Customer Officer, Lisa is transforming the way property is transacted in Australia.

PEXA is an online exchange that keeps everyone in the picture as property settlement progresses. Conveyancers, lawyers, banks, land registries and state revenue offices all collaborate, increasing transparency for a better overall buyer/seller experience.

Lisa has 20 years’ experience in Finance, Information Technology and Telecommunications industries. Prior to joining PEXA, Lisa led various transformation initiatives at ANZ and Telstra, and spent time in the United Kingdom working with Accenture and JP Morgan Chase.

Lisa brings to her role extensive experience in leading transformation, stakeholder management and operational excellence. Lisa has successfully motivated and inspired teams to deliver large-scale change, driving a superior customer experience.

Lisa is passionate about creating a purpose led organisation, placing Customer at the centre of strategy.

Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans

Group Executive Director, PEXA

Rebecca joined PEXA in 2013 to lead the human resources function, building a people and culture team from the ground up. Rebecca is responsible for aligning PEXA’s people and culture with PEXA’s strategy and vision.

Rebecca has previously held human resources roles in a number of different industries from financial services to education and recruitment, including positions at IG Markets and Queensland Teachers Union.
Rebecca holds a Diploma in Human Resources from the Swinburne University of Technology and attended Harvard’s Authentic Leadership Program in 2016.

Session: Panelist - What Constitutes Bullying?
More information to follow

Elly Johnson

Elly Johnson

Founder & Managing Director, TruthAbility

Elly specialises in identifying situations where there is a higher likelihood of hidden truth and reveals how to influence for truth and build trust in important interactions and high-stake situations. Whilst people get excited at the idea of becoming ‘human lie detectors’, Elly encourages them to first become ‘truth-attractors’, learning how to create a truth telling environment and reducing the need to spot lies.

Swinging her very own Wonder Woman inspired 'Lasso of Truth', Elly channels her superpowers to show you how to read behaviour, get information, and attract more truth when it matters most. She debunks myths and leaves the audience with valuable tips to get more truth, build more trust and spot more lies, whether in the boardroom, the interview room, the lunchroom or the bedroom.

With experience in law enforcement, sales, senior management and business, Elly’s passion shines through as she shares stories and case studies that illustrate how a greater awareness of the importance of truth and trust can reduce risk and result in more productive, authentic and trustworthy relationships.

Session: 4 Ways Truth Can Impact Your Success

This session introduces the 4 Truth Circles and explores how they are used as a guide to understand the power of TRUTH in every interaction. When relationship and communication breakdowns are present there is often a Truth Dilemma® at the core. Understanding how to identify, decode and navigate a tangled situation involving hidden or twisted truth can result in better outcomes and stronger relationships.

Building your confidence to hear, speak and uncover TRUTH when it matters most can strengthen communication skills and equip you with skills to get the information you need to get your message across and make better decisions.