Inspiring Women & FEW Good Men
Lived experience is one of life's most valuable educators. Our Inspiring Women and FEW Good Men are experienced senior leaders who are passionate about supporting the next generation of female leaders by sharing their experience and knowledge for others to take forward into their careers.

Our mentors are ambassadors for FEW and advocate for women. Their passion, experience and expertise play a critical role in making the changes we all want to see when it comes to inclusion, diversity and gender parity.
Get to know some of the mentors in our community
Ilaine Anderson
Managing Director, Workplace Super at AMP
David Grybas
Chief Executive Officer, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Australia & New Zealand
Désirée Lucchese
Head of ethics and impact, U Ethical Investors
Janelle Wehsack
Program Director for Enterprise Lending Transformation at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Michael Phillipou
Chief Executive Officer at Sandstone Technology
Jason Sommer
Director, Transformation and Investments, AMP
Rachel White, CFA
Head of Product Enablement, Vanguard Investments Australia
Lindy Hunt
Head of Legal Risk and Compliance, JANA
Andrew Todd
Chief Technology Officer at Iress
Mark Horton Andrews
General Manager ClientFirst Support, Insignia Financial Ltd
Betsy Westcott
Chief Revenue Officer, FuPay
Nicole Oborne
PwC, Partner
Stephen Capello
CEO of Hume Bank
Kevin Delmar
Senior Product Manager at Brilliance Financial Technology