Hear it From Our Members

FEW Advisory Board Member - Danielle Press - Commissioner at ASIC

The FEW program enables women at all points of their careers to access support and advocacy outside of their employer. The model provides a safe place for women to discuss concerns, seek advice and network with other women in the finance sector. The success of the model is reflected in the calibre of women accessing and providing support for the program.

FEW Good Men - Mike Cameron - Group Executive, Customer & Revenue at PEXA

The Financial Executive Women (FEW) program is leading the way for women within Financial Services. The PEXA team was honoured to involve a cohort of our female leaders in such a prestigious program, supporting its members in achieving their full career potential.

FEW’s strong culture aligns with PEXA’s sense of equality and empowerment for each individual in the workplace. Under the fierce and engaging leadership of Judith Beck, FEW provides a number of programs to lift the gaze of its members in their future careers. As a highly respected program in the finance industry, I’ve seen firsthand the progressive impact this program has on females in the workplace. As a FEW mentor, I am humbled to be part of this leading program, helping to shape and develop our future leaders.

FEW Senior Member - Andrea Jaehne - Senior Credit Analyst at AMP Capital

I joined FEW two years ago which made a huge change to my professional life. Having moved to Australia with the same company I worked for in London for 4 years and coming to a smaller office and market, I had difficulties creating my own network. Thanks to Judith I met a number of smart, professional and driven women in the Australian finance world including my coach and an amazing and supportive advocate. Both have been a helping hand when I was ready to make my next career move to one of Australia's largest fund managers. I truly believe that this career move and the easy transition wouldn't have been possible without all the fantastic and supportive women I met at FEW. I continue to benefit from FEW and its network which provides a safe environment to discuss development challenges and opportunities. I have no doubt that I can achieve even more. Thanks FEW!

FEW 2019 Conference Attendee - Geraldine Joyce - Team Leader Lending Associates - Personal Banking at Macquarie Group

The best conference I have ever been to, speakers were amazing. I am still buzzing from it and talking to everyone about it. Amazing job – thanks

FEW 2019 Conference Attendee - Conference Attendee Survey

I feel empowered, engaged and unstoppable because of the conference - and in these tough times that's no small achievement.

FEW Senior Member - Felicity McAllister - Business Management Coordinator at IRESS

For me, my most valued benefit of FEW is their advocacy program. We have many members engaged with advocates and also in the role of advocate. In 2018, FEW launched “FEW Good Men” and IRESS has two of our male executives engaged as advocates. our CEO & CTO. The experience, guidance and support that this program provides its members is amazing and the reward to those acting as advocates is equally significant.

FEW fosters the positive progression of all women, the commitment to creating a program where women may be the best they can is a credit to the whole team at FEW!

FEW 2019 Conference Attendee - Lynne Dhami - Head of Managed Services at IRESS Superannuation

It is very rare you get to go to a conference whereby ALL speakers are so relevant, entertaining and overall very good. FEW should be proud to host such a fantastic conference - I cannot wait until next year!

FEW Senior Member - Sarah Naughton

Judith Beck and her colleagues at FEW value empowering, inspiring and positive women who collaborate and work together to find practical solutions to everyday issues we all face in our careers, business and lives.

Judith creates leaders and advocates as she values and appreciates good, honest open communication skills in a safe and confidential environment. She values relationships and trust and is skilled at building women leaders, empowering them and holding them accountable on their journey. She also provides useful resources and real-life examples in her circles, deep dive sessions and one on one coaching sessions.

Judith is very generous with sharing her insights, her skills, expertise and talents based on decades of experience. She is also generous with her time, and her enthusiastic, positive energy which is infectious. Judith always strives to care for women leaders and do the right thing.

FEW Senior Member - Rosa Velkovski - Strategic Account Manager at NAB Wealth

I have had the good fortune to be associated with Judith Beck for over 5 years both through her recruitment agency and her mentoring program facilitated by Financial Executive Women. Judith’s contribution to the promotion and development of women in finance and related industries has been stellar. Through her public forum speaking, circle initiatives and mentoring program, she is always available to provide valuable insights into her corporate experience from an employer’s perspective and her personal experiences to enable women to be the best that they can be professionally and personally.

I would regard Judith as one of only a handful of women in our industry who has helped nurture and development the professional profile of women to be significant contributions in the work place and corporate culture. Well done Judith.

FEW Senior Member - Julia Newbould - Business Engagement Director Advice & Private Wealth at BT/Westpac

The annual conference is the best conference of my calendar year, interesting speakers who are not on the typical financial services circuit, a great theme and an empowering and encouraging network feel to the event which made it supremely worthwhile. I came back to the office feeling invigorated and ready for whatever lies ahead.

FEW Senior Member - Philippa Huxley

The FEW program has provided me with the much-needed jolt to step out of the day to day and network with people throughout the industry. Through the FEW mentoring program I was able to select a mentor best suited to the skills I am keen to develop over the next 12 months and develop a relationship with an experienced leader in the industry.

I feel privileged to work in an industry that is supported by an organisation like FEW. The positive energy and message delivered by Judith and her team leaves me feeling inspired and excited about the opportunities that may arise for me in this industry in the future.

FEW Senior Member - Melanie Galea - National Training Manager at IRESS

It hasn't been that long since starting the Advocacy program, however it has been going really well.

Pairing with Jocelyn has been a really good fit for me.  She seems to understand where I am at in my career and provides me with the right level of advice, feedback and simply, just some really practical methods to implement.  She has gone above and beyond with her support of me as she has been so generous with sharing her knowledge.  It is exactly what I need in a mentor to really make a difference in my career and what I want to achieve this year.

So I just wanted to share with you how positive this experience has been so far, I would recommend Jocelyn to others like me.  Thank you for the program, and IRESS of course for putting me forward for this.  I'm very grateful for the chance to spend time on my self-development.