Hear it From Our Members

FEW Senior Member - Melanie Galea - National Training Manager at IRESS

It hasn't been that long since starting the Advocacy program, however it has been going really well.

Pairing with Jocelyn has been a really good fit for me.  She seems to understand where I am at in my career and provides me with the right level of advice, feedback and simply, just some really practical methods to implement.  She has gone above and beyond with her support of me as she has been so generous with sharing her knowledge.  It is exactly what I need in a mentor to really make a difference in my career and what I want to achieve this year.

So I just wanted to share with you how positive this experience has been so far, I would recommend Jocelyn to others like me.  Thank you for the program, and IRESS of course for putting me forward for this.  I'm very grateful for the chance to spend time on my self-development.

FEW Corporate Sponsor - Adrian J. Hondros - Executive General Manager at Commonwealth Private

Commonwealth Private is proud to have been a Diamond Sponsor of FEW since its inception. Our business has a number of FEW members, both Senior Members and Future Leader Members, and feedback from the membership experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

A particular highlight for our members has been the annual “FEW conference” which is designed to provide each individual with a range of personal and professional insights that can be utilised to assist with personal development and career advancement. Our members have called this out as a must attend event and always speak most highly of the presenters and also enjoy the opportunity to network with other professional women from within financial services.

Our Senior Members have utilised the Career Advocate Programme which aligns them to an advocate outside of the CBA group. This programme is designed to take individuals through a quarterly structured advocacy process and provides experienced guidance and support.

Our Future Leader members are identified high performers within our business and we offer the membership as reward and recognition. Future Leader members use the FEW online forum to seek advice and guidance on a range of issues – this is a highly confidential forum which allows everyday business matters to be discussed with trust and confidentiality.

FEW has provided a way for us to recognise our high performing women and assist in the continual development of the colleagues – we would recommend FEW to other financial services organisations and all women who seek to continually improve their personal performance and career prospects.

Adrian J. Hondros, Executive General Manager
Commonwealth Private

Amanda Conner - FEW Senior Member

I have had the pleasure of participating in the FEW program as a Mentor for the past 12 months.  I have found it to be an engaging, enlightening and rewarding adventure.  The ability to step into someone else's shoes and be privy to their professional challenges is an honour and privilege.  Knowing that the advice and alternative perspective I have been able to provide my mentee has had a positive impact on her career journey is humbling.  I recommend the program whole-heartedly and wish FEW every success on this journey of women encouraging women.

Amanda Conner
FEW Senior Member

Shannon Durrant - FEW Senior Member

Joining Financial Executive Women (FEW) has been one of the best career moves I have made to date. The quality of the advice and guidance I have been able to access through being a member of FEW would cost thousands of dollars through hiring a business coach. In addition, I have made strong networks and friends across the financial services industry.

Shannon Durrant
FEW Senior Member

Jenny – FEW Senior Member

“Having spent 20 years in Financial Services, I had always relied on colleagues and friends for guidance whenever I faced a difficult situation at work. Whilst this was helpful, more often my mentors were male colleagues, who were extremely helpful, but did not always have the same perspective on an issue as a woman and who often had a vested interest in the outcome. It came as an incredible relief to find a group whose sole ambition is to support and nurture women through their careers. As a senior member of FEW, I have benefited greatly from the advocacy and support of my FEW mentors, and to be honest without their unique perspective, I would not have been able to handle some extremely difficult situations in the past 18 months all that well. I have regained my confidence and am in a role where my skills and opinions are valued and I am enjoying getting up for work each day. Thank you to Judith Beck, the FEW team and my special mentors.”

FEW Senior Member

Linda Stangherlin - Zurich Investments

FEW has created an inspiring community within the financial services industry. The conference delivers excellent content and networking opportunities, which has been personally rewarding as well as insightful from a business perspective. I see FEW as a multi- dimensional organisation fulfilling the diverse needs of the members and those who attend the annual conference.

Linda Stangherlin
Zurich Investments

FEW – Senior Member – Conference Attendee Survey

An amazing and motivating day for all senior women and leaders. Also a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded senior women in financial services.

FEW – Senior Member

FEW – Senior Member - Conference Attendee Survey

It was a fantastic day. I really enjoyed interacting with such amazing women. So much of what they said resonated with me.

FEW – Senior Member

Alexandra Tullio - FEW Senior Member

I have been to a lot of conferences in my time and this was by far and away the best. I am so blown away by the speakers, the content, the openness of the participants, the facilitators… I really can’t thank you enough for involving me in FEW. I got so much out of today, and had a few light bulb moments of my own!

These things are not organised without a great deal of hard work, so thank you for organising such an incredible event.

I am proud to be part of FEW.

Alexandra Tullio
FEW - Senior Member

FEW – Conference Attendee Survey

I didn't really know what to expect, but was not expecting to be so engaged for such a long period of time. The speakers were all so solid. It was excellent.

FEW – Conference Attendee Survey

FEW – Senior Member – Conference Attendee Survey

Overall it was a great day and a fantastic opportunity to meet other successful women from the finance industry and from other organisations

FEW – Senior Member

Chantra Bounnhang - FEW Conference Attendee

I wanted to say a big thank you for organising such a wonderful and powerful Leadership Conference. There were so many things I was able to take away from it and have been sharing all this great knowledge with my colleagues and friends. As a young women in the financial services industry I genuinely feel that I have every opportunity to succeed and that is thanks to the work of yourself and like-minded women who are paving the way for us.

Chantra Bounnhang
FEW - Future Leader

Paula Day - FEW Senior Member - Conference Attendee

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural FEW Conference last week.

As a regular industry conference attendee I can confidently tell you that it was the best conference I have ever been part of. Thank you for your vision and for sharing with us all. I have no doubt we are all better for the experience.

Paula Day
FEW Senior Member

Theresa Mills - FEW Conference Attendee

Just wanted to congratulate you on the successful first Conference for FEW – well done & great to see your vision in action.

I do know the amount of work that would have to be done in the planning and implementation of this as well as managing the current business but have to say it was a great success and worth all the efforts behind the scenes.

Thank you for your passion & vision in supporting Women to reach their full potential and navigate their way through [being] better informed and equipped to do so.

Please also convey my thanks to Connie – as a speaker I found her to be the most inspirational with a clarity that was powerful just loved her.

Thought the male panel was a great idea too.

Theresa Mills
FEW Senior Member

Barbara Glover - FEW Conference Attendee

What a fantastic day we had for the FEW one year celebration conference.
All the members at our table agreed that, although we go to many conferences, the content of the FEW conference was the most powerful and inspiring that we had been to.
What a great initiative bringing together a room full of such impressive and genuine women from all over financial services.

I found it inspiring and relevant to me as a leader. The morning sessions challenged by leadership style and really enlightened me on the importance of being authentic.

Huge take out on how to get the most out of people who all work at a different “pace” to me. I will immediately take time to define and articulate my leadership identity and recognise and encourage leadership in all my people. Creative thinking and learning how to have the “Aha” moment was an “Aha” moment. I will definitely be getting back to yoga and finding thinking time away from work.

I do hope you run the panels again. The calibre of female and male leaders who gave their time to be part of the panel sessions was impressive. It was a unique opportunity to question those that lead at the highest level in our industry.

I will be coming again to the FEW conference, I will also be encouraging other successful women to come as a “not to miss” event.

Barbara Glover
FEW Senior Member