Meeting the new boss

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Your new boss arrives at a time when restructures are happening throughout the whole organisation. Fear and speculation is everywhere, everyone has an opinion, but no one knows for sure. What will happen? Will we restructure? Will I lose my job? Will I have to let some of my staff go? Will the culture change and will I like the new culture?

In the first few weeks the new boss usually wants to meet their leadership team, key stakeholders and get to know their staff. So how do you make a good impression to make sure the new boss knows you are on the bus?

You get the call and the meeting is set. Their PA says your new boss just wants to have a coffee and hear about your area – nothing to prepare. Real meaning – They want to assess you to see if you are on the bus and you better come prepared.

The old saying “you only get one chance to make a first impression” applies here as well. This is your moment to make an impression. Here are my tips for this meeting to ensure the impression you make is a good one:

  • First of all, be on time – no excuse
  • Go into the meeting like you are meeting your next biggest client – who are you, why should they go with you and what value will you add
  • If you are running an area, how is it tracking, what are the projections, if there are any issues, you need to have the solutions
  • Don’t complain about what has happened in the past and throw people under the bus, be diplomatic and discuss the future and what you can do
  • You can never be over prepared so know your facts in case you are asked
  • Be guided by them as to the tone of the meeting. They may want to get to know you first.
  • When the meeting turns to business, keep it conversational and business focused. Don’t be afraid to ask them when it feels comfortable, where they see the business going in the future.
  • Above all keep everything positive, even if you’re in a negative environment – what are the positive outcomes you can implement under the new structure
  • If it were me, I would leave them with a brief overview of my area with results and projections. You don’t want someone else giving them different information about your area, so I would recommend making sure they have the facts.

Most new managers want to know that their team are motivated and willing to change in a positive way, are flexible and forward thinking. Demonstrate good leadership skills and take responsibility. They don’t want to second guess, or micro manage you, so show them what you are made of and you will be unstoppable.

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